Brittany Young

Innovatemap Alumni, 2015-2019

Brittany Young was one of the original 5 team members of Innovatemap. She helped spearhead new offerings for startups and scaleups from pitch decks to refreshed messaging. She left the company in 2019, but her impact was tremendous both for clients and Innovatemap (below is her original bio).

Brittany loves telling stories that inspire and creating deliverables that equip teams and impact businesses. She helps estab­lish a shared lan­guage across an orga­ni­za­tion, and has a knack for simplifying complex ideas into a structure and presentation that is easy-to-consume.

Her goal is for clients to speak confidently and consistently about their product, who it serves, and the ultimate value(s) delivered to their customers. She has helped companies like WebLink message and package their software to increase sales, Ascend tell their story through words and visuals, and Dri­ver­Reach ignite their sales and marketing tools.

Brittany is excited to help you communicate the val­ue of your prod­uct in a com­pelling way.